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Droplets, Chapter 10 by theprophetlemonade
Crying for an eternity drawing my favourite part of the chapter. Thank you so much. She just released it yesterday, everyone read it!

I want to tell him how this stupid fear is all I know. How it builds my world, imprisons me, teaches me how to eat, drink, breathe. How the fear exists just under every thought – because I don’t have to always dwell on it, but I am always aware of it there – how I have to watch myself around the smallest of things, like washing my hands, or shaving in the mornings. I know that if I splash myself by surprise, I’m going to have to stop everything and focus solely on my breathing for five minutes. It’s always there. It’s like when you’re on a camping trip, and it’s really fucking cold, so you put on extra socks, or an extra sweater, but you can never really get warm. The coldness – the fear – it’s ingrained in your bones.

fanart for the amazing fic Droplets by theprophetlemonade
It’s so cute and great and amazing urhhh
(thank you mogoliz for showing it to me)

someone who can’t s a c r i f i c e anything can’t ever c h a n g e anything insp



1 minute of silence for everyone that can’t attend San Diego Comic Con 2013.

another minute of silence for everyone that can’t attend San Diego Comic Con 2014

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whoa nice sticks eren
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